Character Creation and Advancement

Character Basics

  • 20 point buy (Calculator)
  • Max HP at first level – average HP afterwards (like PFS)
  • Two positive traits or three positive + 1 negative
  • EXP is based on the medium advancement track
  • Keep your character sheet on Obsidian Portal relatively up-to-date

Creating your first character

  • Start at lv1
  • Roll starting wealth, or take the average for your class

Creating a new character after death

  • Your new character’s level will be one less than the dead character’s level
  • Voluntary retirement is allowed, though you will still suffer the level penalty
  • Especially noble / awesome sacrifices may have the level penalty waived
  • average wealth for the character’s level (chart here)
  • No single item may be worth over 33% of your net worth (not necessarily firm)

Character Creation and Advancement

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